Halo 5 is Adding Mysterious 'Classic' Playlist

Halo 5 is Adding Mysterious 'Classic' Playlist

343 Industries announces fixes for Halo 5: Guardians, and teases an upcoming “Classic” playlist that will be releasing relatively soon for Halo 5 players.

While a few highly anticipated shooter games are currently battling it out for gamers’ attention, there’s one shooter from last year that continues to perform well among Xbox gamers: Halo 5: Guardians. Despite being a year old now and facing tough competition in the shooter space, Halo 5 continues to add new features for players and provide a well-rounded experience.

In light of that, developer 343 Industries announced via a blog post that it is planning some fixes and new content for Halo 5 very soon. Among the fixes are some updates to the multiplayer servers that should elevate player experience above its already great position. 343 said:

As a commitment to sustaining a fun and enjoyable online experience along with a consistent and fair competitive landscape, the team is actively investigating these reports. In fact, I’m told there will be a very small update pushed out tentatively as early as next week that’s strictly under-the-hood work to further assist in identifying the root causes of reported instances of higher-than-usual latency, disconnects as well as melee registration to help facilitate a fix.


That’s good news for Halo 5 players, especially considering the challenges Battlefield 1 has experience with its servers lately. If Halo 5 can continue to offer a stellar experience for gamers that they’re not getting from newly released titles, 343 Industries might be able to hold onto a fair amount of its player base through the holiday season.

In addition to the various planned fixes, the developer teased a new “Classic” playlist for Halo 5, that will be arriving “relatively soon.” While 343 didn’t provide any details beyond that, it’s enough to get many gamers chatting online about the upcoming addition and what it could be.

There have been quite a few requests from Halo 5 fans online the last few months for a classic playlist of sorts that brings maps and game modes from previous Halo games into Halo 5. While gamers can enjoy the nostalgia and excitement of past Halo titles via the Master Chief Collection, it’s hard to beat Halo 5’s graphics and current-gen gameplay capabilities. So having a classic playlist would be a welcome addition for the game.


Hopefully when 343 says the classic playlist is coming “relatively soon”, it means gamers can expect the update before the end of the year, and possibly before December. With Black Friday coming up and many people starting their holiday shopping, any new additions 343 can make to Halo 5 will make it that much more appealing to buyers. It’ll be interesting to see what 343 has in store and if it will keep the player base strong, and even bring back any gamers who have left for other titles.

What do you think the classic playlist could be for Halo 5?

Halo 5: Guardians is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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