Crackdown on Xbox One (E3 2014)

Crackdown on Xbox One (E3 2014)

The only thing that can make large-scale mayhem and destruction more fun in a game is creating large-scale mayhem and destruction with friends. Realtime Worlds’ 2007 game Crackdown enjoyed a moderate amount of success and, despite the somewhat disappointing sequel Crackdown 2, fans of the original title were looking forward to the long-rumored announcement of Crackdown 3 at E3 2014.

Sure enough, a Crackdown game for the new console generation – once again titled Crackdown – was announced today during Microsoft’s E3 2014 Xbox press conference, accompanied by the teaser trailer above. The new installment in the franchise was developed by original creator David Jones at new UK studio Cloudgine, and will feature open-world cooperative gameplay supported by dedicated servers.

In the trailer, cybernetically-enhanced soldiers who work for the Agency are seen using a combination of their skills in order to take down crime kingpin Vincente Villereal, who thinks he is safe hiding out at the top of his tower behind armored glass. Little does he know that the united efforts of a driver, a demolitions expert and a sniper (not to mention some expert timing) are all it will take to cause his downfall.

Crackdown 3 teaser trailer screenshot

It’s not all hugs and smiles between players, however; Crackdown will also include all-new competitive gameplay, and the official press release promises “unrivalled verticality,” so players may spend as much time on the rooftops as they do on the streets.

The name of this new entry may be somewhat confusing for those who remember the original game, but we can confirm that this is a new game and not just a remake of the Xbox 360 original. Apparently the new console generation has convinced some developers that there’s no longer any need for sequel numbers, since Mirror’s Edge 2 also appears to have been titled simply Mirror’s Edge.

Look out for Crackdown on Xbox One in 2015. Just don’t get it confused with Crackdown. Or with Crack Down.

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Crackdown is expected to release on Xbox One in 2015.

Source: Microsoft

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