Pokemon GO Guide: How to Use Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Use Pokemon GO Plus

Now that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is available for Pokemon GO players, we explain how to set up the device, how to catch Pokemon with it, and much more!

After the device was delayed earlier this year, the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is now available for Pokemon GO. For the uninitiated, this device is meant to make the Pokemon GO gameplay experience more convenient, making it possible to do just about everything in the game (excluding gym battles) without having to constantly be on the phone.

For new Pokemon GO Plus owners, we’ve created this handy guide that explains how to set it up, how to catch Pokemon with it, how to use PokeStops, and how it handles egg hatching and the recently added Pokemon buddy system.

1. How to Set Up Pokemon GO Plus

Setting up the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is a relatively simple process. The first step is making sure that the watch is on, and that bluetooth is enabled on the player’s mobile device. From there, go into the game’s settings, and activate Pokemon GO Plus. Press the button on Pokemon GO Plus, and it should then appear as an option in-game. Select it, and that’s all it takes.

With the Pokemon GO Plus watch synced with the player’s mobile device of choice, it is now possible to play the game without having one’s phone unlocked. To do this, make sure that the Pokemon GO app is running, lock the phone, and it should be good to go!

2. How to Catch Pokemon with Pokemon GO Plus

One of the main draws of Pokemon GO Plus is the ability to catch Pokemon without constantly having to have one’s nose in their phone. When a Pokemon is nearby, Pokemon GO Plus will vibrate and light up green. Press the button in the center of the device to try to catch whatever wild Pokemon is in the area. If the catch is successful, the Pokemon GO Plus watch will display rainbow colors, but if the Pokemon gets away, it will display flashing red lights instead.

While using Pokemon GO Plus to catch wild Pokemon may be more convenient, there are some downsides to using it instead of the traditional methods of catching Pokemon. As of the time of this writing, Pokemon GO Plus only uses regular Pokeballs, so Great Balls and Ultra Balls can only be used when playing through the app itself. Furthermore, players only have one chance to capture the Pokemon when using Pokemon GO Plus; if it escapes from the Pokeball, it will flee immediately.

Of course, Niantic is updating Pokemon GO on a regular basis, so one has to imagine that an update will be released in the future that allows Pokemon GO Plus to use Great Balls and Ultra Balls. Until then, fans will just have to stock up on as many of the regular Pokeballs as they can if they plan on utilizing Pokemon Go Plus.

3. How to Use PokeStops with Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus also makes it possible for players to collect items from PokeStops while out on their Pokemon GO adventures. Similarly to catching Pokemon, when a player is near a PokeStop, the Pokemon GO Plus watch will vibrate and light up. The only difference is that the light indicating a PokeStop is blue instead of green. Collecting items from the PokeStop functions the same as catching a wild Pokemon – just tap the button in the middle of the device.

4. How to Hatch Eggs with Pokemon GO Plus

There are some that have expressed concern that Pokemon GO Plus will not track walking distance accurately when it comes to hatching eggs and traveling with buddy Pokemon. On the contrary, Pokemon GO Plus seems to track everything accurately, so players should have no problem hatching eggs and earning candy from their designated Pokemon buddies with the device activated.

And that’s all anyone needs to know about the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, assuming they are able to find it in stores, that is. Since Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile apps of all time, it’s no surprise that Pokemon GO Plus has been in high demand, but it should make Pokemon hunting and egg hatching a much more convenient experience for those that manage to find one.

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Pokemon GO and the Pokemon GO Plus accessory are both available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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