Bill Gates is the Best Secret Santa Ever

Bill Gates is the Best Secret Santa Ever

One Redditor got burned in last year’s Secret Santa, so good guy Bill Gates takes it upon himself to make up for it with a super special Christmas gift.

Bill Gates has made a name for himself as co-founder of Microsoft as well as becoming a world-renowned philanthropist with the vast wealth he’s amassed. However, the good guy’s actions don’t stop there, as he’s recently made one gamer’s Christmas much brighter.

Bill Gates took part in this year’s Reddit Secret Santa, a massive undertaking that asks participating Reddit users to bestow gifts upon one another. One lucky Redditor, Aerrix, came home to a giant package, and opened it to discover a hand-signed letter from Bill Gates. The letter expressed Bill Gates’ sincere condolences regarding Aerrix’s story of participating in last year’s Secret Santa but not receiving anything herself. As a result, he took it upon himself to drown her in gaming-centric gifts.

The Bill Gates box included a Minecraft Xbox One bundle with three custom controllers, as well as a copy of Halo 5: Guardians, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, and a year-long subscription to Xbox Live Gold. However, the Microsoft man didn’t limit himself to gaming gear that his own company produces. He also included the sold-out NES Classic Edition, two pairs of Legend of Zelda mittens – one for Aerrix, and one for her pup, and a Zelda blanket. If that weren’t enough, Bill Gates’ finally gaming-related gift was a picture frame with perler-bead versions of Link and Zelda on each side, with a photo of Aerrix, her dog, and her husband, with Bill Gates photoshopped in beside them. Aerrix detailed the unboxing on Reddit, and she couldn’t be more overjoyed at her luck.


This isn’t Bill Gates’ first time being a Reddit Secret Santa. The philanthropist has been participating for a few years now, delighting one lucky recipient each year. While it pales in comparison to the massive donations he’s made to various charities around the world, it goes above and beyond what most Reddit Secret Santa presents contain. Although the Xbox One gifts are no doubt exciting, it’s also charming that he also paid attention to Aerrix’s love of The Legend of Zelda despite it not being a Microsoft title. It’s also somewhat amusing to see Bill Gates suggesting that Aerrix might enjoy an Xbox because he loves his, since Bill Gates nearly killed the Xbox back when it was first being developed.

Regardless of whether one is a PC or Mac user or a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One fan, there’s no denying that Bill Gates’ actions are admirable. Redditor Aerrix will surely look back on this Christmas season fondly for years to come, and time will tell if Bill Gates finds a way to top this year’s gift come 2017.

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