Super Mario Run Android Version Registration Launches

Super Mario Run Android Version Registration Launches

Nintendo announces that Android users can now register on the Google Play store to be notified when Super Mario Run is available to download, much like the game did for iOS users.

As one of the hottest mobile games around, it’s evident that Nintendo has a big success on its hands – despite what the company’s floundering stock seems to indicate. While over 50 million iOS gamers downloaded the ‘free to start’ title thus far, Android users have been left waiting for Super Mario Run to become available on their mobile device of choice. A concrete date for the game on Android (outside of a rough ‘2017’ footnote) is still missing in action, but it’s now possible to register to receive a notification once Super Mario Run is available on the platform.

According to the the game’s Google Play listing, players can go about prepping for the game’s imminent arrival now, much like the system that was in place for those that are currently running around as Mario on Apple devices. Also, like Apple’s App Store, this is an absolutely free initiative, meaning that curious gamers won’t have to lay down cash ahead of Super Mario Run‘s Android debut.


While the premise of Mario on a mobile phone had initial appeal, the reviews for the finished product thus far have been less than stellar; this is largely why many believe the stock of Nintendo dropped following its release. To add further fuel to this fire, Super Mario Run recently lost its place as the highest grossing app on the App Store worldwide, albeit still grossing a solid bit of change in the time following its release. As a result, however, many are left wondering if their hard-earned cash is worth accessing the entirety of the game for, especially since it costs $9.99 USD just to gain access to twenty additional levels across five worlds.

Regardless of initial impressions of the product, Nintendo is likely preparing for the influx of funds it will receive following Super Mario Run‘s debut on Android. That is, provided it can garner the same sort of support that the title appears to have struck on iOS. Whether or not that will transition to another 50 million downloads shortly after launch remains to be seen, but the app’s Google Play listing indicates that the pay model will not be changing with the release of the game on Android.

Keeping that in mind, it will be interesting to see how well the game ends up doing.

Super Mario Run is currently available on iOS, with an Android release slated for 2017.

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