Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup Adds Snipperclips

Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup Adds Snipperclips

Nintendo had originally revealed Snipperclips back in January, with the company promising that the creative co-op puzzle game would be a launch-window title. Things have evidently progressed well with the development of the game, as Nintendo has now confirmed that Snipperclips has been bumped up to being a launch day title on the Nintendo Switch, and will be available exclusively as a digital download through the Nintendo eShop from March 3rd onward.

For the uninitiated, Snipperclips has players donning paper characters who can cut their compatriots into unique shapes and sizes. The puzzles of the game will require players to snip themselves into certain shapes to solve puzzles and complete levels, with the game featuring single player, co-op, and competitive game modes. Snipperclips is being developed by SFB Games, a studio which has primarily focused on games for mobile devices – so in a way, the Nintendo Switch is a fitting way for the studio to make its entrance to the current generation of consoles.

Snipperclips becomes the twelfth launch day title for the Nintendo Switch. Gamers planning on picking up their own Switch on March 3rd can take a look out this handy Nintendo Switch launch day guide, which details the games available from day one, what’s on the menu for the upcoming months, and everything Nintendo fans need to know about the console itself. There’s plenty to be excited about as the console nears its release, though it would take an especially dedicated fan to be camping out for the console already.

The game will retail for $19.99 from the Nintendo eShop, which makes it a low-risk title for gamers looking to have some family friendly puzzle fun. With plenty of unique games for all ages like 1-2-Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there’s no shortage of first party titles coming up for the Switch – though only time will tell if the long-coveted third party support will finally arrive in full force for a Nintendo console.

Do you plan on picking up Snipperclips, Ranters?

Snipperclips will be available on March 3, 2017, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop.

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