Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Has Easter Egg

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Has Easter Egg

The launch of the Nintendo Switch has got off to a flyer, with GameStop reporting that the console’s launch was one of the strongest in years. Since the console arrived, plenty of Nintendo fans have been looking in detail at the Switch and its accessories, and have even discovered an Easter egg hidden in the Pro Controller. Underneath the right thumbstick of the controller is a message for users, reading “THX2 ALLGAMEFANS.”

The Easter egg was found by Reddit user Tropiux, who promptly posted this fun find to the website. The message can only be seen when the Nintendo Switch controller’s right thumbstick is pushed all the way down, and is visible underneath the plastic that makes up the stick itself.

Understandably, a lot of Switch Pro Controller owners have been very happy to find this little hidden message from Nintendo. After all, it’s always nice to receive a little thank you from the creator of a purchase, and a good way to ring in the start of a new gaming generation for Nintendo. It certainly helps cement the Pro Controller as one of the go-to Nintendo Switch peripherals, on top of its place as a way to avoid those pesky Joy-Con sync problems.


The message itself could have another potential positive for Nintendo, other than giving users a fuzzy feeling when they notice it. Having hidden Easter eggs such as this in the build of a console, game, or peripheral makes it harder for would-be counterfeiters to make copies of the product. This would make it easier for Switch users to ensure that they’re picking up the real deal when looking to get a new Pro Controller.

Whether more Easter eggs are found with the console or its controllers remains to be seen, although one suspects that any Nintendo Switch teardown videos would have discovered anything interesting deep in the console’s build. That said, there could be something else fun that hasn’t been noticed yet, and there’s always the chance for future peripherals to include their own hidden messages.

Unfortunately, not every surprise that the Switch and its accessories has caused has been a positive one. Some Switch owners have been disappointed to find that the console has been getting damaged by swapping out skins, while one Switch user has reportedly received a blue screen of death. Hopefully, these issues will prove to be few and far between.

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