Retailers Worried About Nintendo Switch Stock Shortages

Retailers Worried About Nintendo Switch Stock Shortages

Although gamers are likely already aware, the Nintendo Switch is hard to find. At first it seemed as though the stock shortages were of Nintendo’s own creation – think the NES Classic – some UK retailers think it’s a larger issue. And many of them are starting to get concerned.

Speaking anonymously to MCV, one UK retail manager voiced concerns over Nintendo’s lack of communication, specifically with regard to refilling Switch stock. They acknowledged that communication with Nintendo is ongoing, with regards to new Nintendo Switch shipments, but speculated that it may be a while before stores in certain regions see any new stock.

As it stands right now, most buyers have been forced to resort to eBay scalpers of their Nintendo Switch purchases, paying upwards of $400 to get their hands on the new console. Some retailers have gotten new shipments of Nintendo Switch consoles since launch, but those went just as quick as the initial pre-order batch.

“We are in communications with Nintendo but there is not a confirmed date as of yet. With Mario Kart coming in April I would hope there would be more stock before then but that’s not confirmed.”

The hope on the part of retailers is that Nintendo will have the Switch shortage issue resolved by April, when the console will receive its next batch of exciting exclusives. Mario Kart 8 may be a port of the Wii U version with a few upgrades, like the return of Balloon Battle, but it’s also important to keep in mind how few may have played the game. If the Switch is as popular as Nintendo says, then there will be a new fan base of players waiting to see what the kart racer offers, many of who never owned a Wii U.

There’s also the possibility that Splatoon 2 could release in the next few months, which would give Nintendo another intriguing Switch exclusive. What’s more, Splatoon is another title that, despite strong reviews, didn’t get much attention because of the Wii U’s struggles.


Ultimately, Nintendo Switch stock info is all dependent on how Nintendo wants to let things play out. On the one hand keeping info scarce will help raise interest and demand, but too little and info and potential Switch owners may drop out altogether.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be one of the best reviewed games of all time, but it’s also a Wii U release and the differences between that version and the Switch version aren’t as significant as some may think. At some point, if gamers are that desperate to play Zelda they are going to opt for the easier choice and worry about stock refills later.

Source: MCV

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