Kid Adorably Apologizes to Nintendo for Breaking His 3DS

Kid Adorably Apologizes to Nintendo for Breaking His 3DS

An eight year old boy in Japan writes Nintendo a handwritten apology letter after accidentally breaking his Nintendo 3DS by leaving it in a bag with a leaky thermos.

While some kids are out there spending thousands of their parent’s dollars on FIFA or even mobile apps like Jurassic World, one child was so heartbroken that he broke his own Nintendo 3DS that he wrote Nintendo a letter of apology before sending his handheld device in for repairs.

According to a Twitter user named Illil, an eight-year old Nintendo fan in Japan left his 3DS in his backpack with a thermos. The boy forgot to tighten his thermos securely, and disaster struck when all the water from the thermos came pouring out and completely submerged about a fourth of his Nintendo 3DS underwater. The device – not known for its fish like qualities – stopped working shortly after.

The boy then called a Nintendo Customer Service center, where he was able to make arrangement for his 3DS to be repaired. He evidently still felt guilty for the incident, however, because he opted to tape a handwritten note onto his 3DS as an apology to Nintendo.

Here’s a look at the handwritten letter, with a translation provided below:

Here’s what the letter says after a rough translation:

I apologize for accidentally getting [my 3DS] wet. I’d like to think I’ve already resigned myself to not seeing my 3DS, which is always with me. From here on out, I aim to close my thermos’ lid correctly. I am truly sorry.

It’s heartbreaking to hear a child so defeated, especially when he says his 3DS was a staple item in his daily living. We’re sure improperly tightened thermos lids have taken many a Nintendo peripheral to the grave in backpacks before, but there’s just something about this one that’s both adorable and terribly sad.

The child certainly demonstrates some great behavior, and we have to imagine that his parents were pretty proud that he would go so far as to write an apology. It’s evident those at the service center found the story pretty adorable, and we’re glad the story spread so that we could hear it on the other side of the world. It’s pretty easy to get sentimentally attached to old consoles, and many people don’t even throw away their old games for this very reason.

In any event, if Nintendo’s next big move is a combination handheld/console device, we’re sure the child will take great measures to make sure it doesn’t meet its end with a thermos.

What do you think about the kid’s apology, Ranters?

Source: Kotaku

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